Sunday, May 23, 2010


So I haven't had the chance to be on for a little while, but thats a good thing! Ive been doing A LOT of semi-pro work!! I got to work with an amazing and beautiful PRO model named Neferteri Horn. ( and OMG, that was the experience of a lifetime! maybe something in skincare and cosmetics is my calling!? Of course I'm going to be a Labor and Delivery Nurse Practitioner, but who says I cant work in a Plastic Surgeons office doing Aesthetics part time?! Things are looking so great for me in the Cosmetic World right now! As it is, Andrew (my fiancé) just bought me tickets to both days of IMATS. Thats the International Make-up Artists Trade Show in Pasadena. I just about passed out when he said that was my Anniversary gift!!! AHHHHHH! when I go I can officially become a Mac Pro and get my full Kit and up my skills! That means you guys are going to get TONS more photos to look at!

The first day of the show I am going with Katelynn (who I will be introducing you guys to VERY soon) and My other friend Jacquie! So I'm thinking I will Video Blog while Im there. you guys will get an INSIDE scoop!


Ive only gotten a few pics back from the Neferteri shoot, but as soon as I get more I WILL update them! but until then, heres a taste!

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